Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Beet

Beetroot shredded 3 cups
Sugar 3 cups
Nuts& Dryfruits

In a pan allow the beetroot to cook until the water content present in it is absorbed. afterwhich you add the sugar and keep stirring. It will again appear to be watery thats nothing but the sugar syrup, even this has to be absorbed ,you can notice the colour of the beet changing, just taste it and see if u dont get the raw taste then its done or else some sugar needs to be added. (it depends upon the freshness of the vegetable). in a separate seasoning pan add ghee and fry the nuts and dryfruits (almonds,cashews,walnuts,raisins). The beetroot halwa is ready to serve.

P.S. the finer the beetroot shredded the faster it gets cooked, before u shred each veg pls taste a bit, cos' some taste bitter/sour.

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