Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gulab jamun.... ooohhhh my fav

I used MTR Gulab Jamun mix and just followed the instructions behind the cover. Few tips from my side which i remember from what my dad used to do when he made jamuns..
Now mom always does the rolling and me frying and bro criticising that it erupts like volcano meaning have cracks... But today when i made it with all these experiences i am super happy with the result.

1. Add half water and half milk of whatever qty its mentioned behind the cover.(only water is mentioned)

2. The mixture will surely stick on to ur fingers, so add 1/2 tsp non crytalised ghee to the dough. (that is the ghee should be melted) This is not mentioned in the cover.

3. The dough consistency is very important, it should be soft and flabby.

4.Roll it to small even shaped smooth balls. before u start making balls, leave the dough to wait for 10-15 mins not more than that.Do not roll it like you do so for rotis with pressure.Keep the desired in the middle of both ur palms and without pressure roll it round.

5.Now coming to the frying part... fill the kadai with oil there should be more space for the jamuns to float. the oil should be heated in low flame. once the oil is ready, drop the balls one by one. without touching them use the laddle to push the oil so that they float and keep moving and not stay in one place. once very light brown take them out. Reminding again the oil has to be heated in low flame.
5. After frying everything very light brown, we will again fry them for the second time now till the the desire colour you want. say golden dark brown.

6. why we do this twice is that it cooks evenly completely otherwise the jamuns will not properly soak in the jeera.

7. Jeera, just do it as per instructions behind. 1:1 ratio.

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