Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My dad to My mom and now to me.... Biryani....


for Paste:
Small onions :15
Red Chilli :5
Ginger :medium size
Garlic :half the qty small onions
Cloves :4
Cinnamon :1 big size
cardomom :4

for the main dish
Chicken/Mutton/Veggies :1/2 kg
Basmati rice :3 cups ( i used Zafrani... if u get jeera samba rice nothing like it)
oil and ghee
Cloves :2
Cinnamon :1
cardomom :2
Coriander powder : 2-3tsp
Chilli Powder : 1tsp
small onion :5 crushed
Big onion :1 Chopped long
tomato :1
coriander :chopped handful
Mint :chopped half the qty coriander
Ground paste
Turmeric :1/4tsp
Curd&lemon juice :1tsp each
water :1 cup rice: 1 1/2 cup water..

Make the paste and keep it aside. Fry oil+Ghee in the appropriate vessel used for making biryani.. add the cinnamom, cardomom,cloves, get the smell then add small onions, chopped onions and tomato when partially cooked add coriander powder and chilli powder, coriander and mint leaves and sorte well. Now add the paste and cook well until the layer of oil is seen above. Now add chicken and mix well. The chicken lets out water. Let this mixture cook well add required salt and turmeric mentioned. Before you start this process wash rice and soak it in water.
Once the mixture is cooked add the required qty water,lemon juice and curd. pls note the water here includes the mixture also so you will be using only 3 to 4 cups water.
Leave it to a boil now add the water drained rice mix well, check for salt and spice, if required add salt and slit green chillies or chilli powder at this time.
Close the utensil and mix in regular intervals.

If you are using mutton/red meat pressure cook it separately with some turmeric and chilli powder and salt. this water can be used while cooking.

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  1. Oh myy.. I need Biriyaannii now.. :) Keep up the good work jay!!