Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tiger Gravy..ha ha...... Puli Kulambu ( Tamarind)


Coconut Shredded :1/2 cup
Sambhar Powder :1tsp
Onion :2
Tomato Nice Ripen :2
Okra(Lady's Finger: 10
Tamarind pulp :1/4tbsp
Salt and oil as preferred.


Grind coconut and sambhar powder together. Season mustard and curry leaves in oil , add onions and tomato and sorte until it is VERY WELL cooked in low flame. Now add okra and fry until half cooked.Now add the ground coconut sambhar paste and salt add required amount water and allow it to boil.when the raw taste subsides add the tamarind pulp mix well and bring to one boil.

in place of Okra you can use garlic, eggplant, sundakai. If you are using eggplant fry it first before you add it in the dish.

Simple and awesome dish, goes well with rice.

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  1. thanks for posting my dish.. will share more with u..